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(FREE) Kay Flock X Sha Ek X Yus Gz X Sample Drill Type Beat "Romantic Homicide" Bronx Drill Beat ((FULL))

Sample drill originated during the early 2020s in New York (most prominently, in The Bronx), where producers such as Cash Cobain, EPondabeat,[45] WAR,[45] EvilGiane,[45] and others, started re-using older funk and soul, and pop music songs to create modern yet nostalgic sound. A number of rappers subsequently joined the scene, most prominently, Kay Flock, B-Lovee, Shawny Binladen, DThang Gz, and others.[46]

(FREE) Kay Flock X Sha Ek X Yus Gz X Sample Drill Type Beat "Romantic Homicide" | Bronx Drill Beat

The easily recognizable samples in sample drill are also said to increase its viral potential. Songs, such as B-Lovee's "My Everything" (sampling "Everything" by Mary J. Blige)[45] gained over 400,000 uses on TikTok and produced two remixes, featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie and G Herbo. Another early TikTok viral sample drill hit was "Deep End Freestyle" (sampling Fousheé's "Deep End") by Brooklyn native Sleepy Hallow. Despite playing a huge role in genre's spread, Cash Cobain refused to acknowledge that sample drill musicians mostly do songs for TikTok.[46] EPondabeat, another producer involved in the scene, claimed that sampling in used for marketing purpose to invoke listener's relatability.[45]

Samples for sample drill come from a variety of sources and these sources may differ depending on producer. Bronx-based Cash Cobain mainly uses round-the-century contemporary R&B and hip hop music sources;[45][47] meanwhile, EPondabeat, EvilGiane prefer to use soul music and funk recordings for sampling; other producers, such as WAR, don't limit themselves among sampling sources.[45]

Most sample drill songs don't get cleared; sample clearance only happens post-factum when the song in the subgenre becomes viral.[46] Cash Cobain claimed he doesn't care to clear samples for his beats.[47] 041b061a72


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