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 House of Design

Established by Rukmani Sharma in 2015, an alumni of the Istituto Marangoni, Milano, Italy; Bastion boasts of it’s unique style where contemporary and classical design ethos blend to create richly layered, sumptuously furnished, luxurious interiors.


Rukmani, with her passion for maximalism, art and antiques and a penchant for combining disparate styles from across the continents, ages and genres, creates iconic timeless spaces that redefine contemporary luxury interiors.


Rukmani’s style allows for highly individualistic spaces where every piece of furniture, with all it’s furnishings, accessories to it’s finest and smallest detail are customised. Enigmatic neutral backgrounds are juxtaposed with bold foregrounds striking a harmonious balance. While the individual elements are classic, the complexion of the space echos a neo-classical ambiance. You will be witness to scaled-up accessories, layered textures and multiple de’cor features woven together to create a grand tapestry.


Moreover, today’s well-travelled customers would want influences from around the globe to enrich their homes,” says Rukmani of her idiosyncratic style.You will see eclectic influences from around the world, creating new connections with the Indian culture, and merging them with another time and place; encouraging an emotional, as well as an aesthetic response in the onlooker. Their end-to-end services ensure that every small detail is taken care off.

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