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Rudolf Horns

Where To Buy London Fog Trench Coat

During World War II the company was known for making waterproof clothing for the United States Navy. Following the war the company partnered with DuPont to make material for use in raincoats. These coats, which were the first to have a patented removable liner, were sold in Philadelphia, where they became very popular.[2]

where to buy london fog trench coat

Myers started experimenting with different fabrics in 1951, working with blends of cotton and polyester to help make a waterproof fabric.[2][3] London Fog introduced its first Maincoat and was found/sold in Saks Fifth Avenue in 1954, being one of the first companies to sell the raincoats and trench coats.[2] The coat originally sold for $29.95, and named as a "Maincoat" by Myers so it could be worn all year around.[2][3] The company went public in the 1960s. By the 1970s the company had its own stores and was manufacturing not only raincoats but also other types of clothes and accessories. At the time two-thirds of all raincoats sold in the United States were London Fog.[3] London Fog expanded internationally during the 1990s selling in places like the United Kingdom and China.[citation needed] 041b061a72


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