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Maqamat e Hariri: The Stories, The Characters, and The Lessons

back to normal, from here on out, going to push yourself to have a good day, yall good? been super busy, not able to get to all of yall, been thinking a lot about my new page set to start and i feel like im in a great place mentally at the moment, i know everybodys a bit

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aeroplanes are now forbidden to fly above the forest of montarche. the aeroplane in montarche is always an object of curiosity, this is where the aeroplane was born. today, not far from montarche, a land rover has drawn up to the edge of the forest, it is a large land rover, which is a luxury vehicle; the door of the vehicle is open and two men come out. they are dressed in green and wear helmets with the insignia of the count. they are surrounded by a group of people who are also wearing green: first and second drivers, two gendarmes, a customs officer, a tax official, the mayor of the village, etc these people surround a table upon which is a large case. before the table is a large parasol. the man who is the first-driver takes hold of the case and begins to move towards the mouth of the river where the aeroplane is parked; he pushes it further and further along the river, where finally he places it on the bank. the gendarme remains at the door of the vehicle, and the second-driver walks around the aeroplane, which is now standing tall. the mayor goes around to the back of the vehicle and opens the door. the other officials do the same, and they are welcomed inside the cabin of the aeroplane. finally, the first-driver opens the door of the vehicle, and all present climb inside. the second driver closes the door after everyone has entered. the parasol is placed into position and held by the first-driver. they depart, followed by the other officials who slowly fade away. left alone, the vehicle moves back towards the edge of the forest, its vast, immaculate land rover deceptively slow and without end.


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