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Nishit K Sinha CAT Books: A Complete Guide for CAT Aspirants

the kiit has been one of the toughest among all institutes. apart from their tough courses, their current financial situation is also an indicator of the quality of teaching and the results it has been achieving. kiit has consistently been among the top 5 colleges in the country and has recently overtaken both the iim's and the iit's in enrollments. their syllabus has been upgraded to include a strong quantitative and management approach. their faculty is highly qualified.

nishit k sinha logical reasoning pdf 19

quality of the instructors is something that usually doesn't change, but the faculty experience and their course content do change over time. the kiit is a popular college and is reputed for its management courses, but some students feel that it is not the best for preparing for the cat.

if you are looking for good question papers for cat, nisha's logical reasoning and data interpretation for the cat are a few clicks away. all you have to do is visit his website and download the most recent free question paper.

the question paper will automatically open in your pdf reader and you can read them aloud or can read them in silence. the next time you get an interview, you will be able to ace the interview with a heavy heart because you have already read the question paper beforehand. i do not like stress so thats why i prefer following the above method.

there is a complete overview of all the sections of cat and along with a personalized format for each section, it also includes a variety of techniques that are used for cat preparation. any attempt at preparing for cat with nishits logical reasoning and data interpretation is bound to be successful.


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