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Christopher Dubey
Christopher Dubey

Orochi Kof Char Mugen Download ((HOT))

WARNING: Most of these edits are very cheap and will defeat other characters quickly, so you may want to pit them against characters of equal cheapness. In addition, most of these characters have very flashy attacks, so if you are epileptic and prone to seizures, please refrain from downloading. You have been warned.

Orochi Kof Char Mugen Download

65. "Nyorochi by nyorochi" Extremely cheap edit, although it has the usual moves as the original, they are all one-hit KO, even a simple punch or kick. It has no hit boxes, and cannot be defeated by normal characters.

333. "Angra Mainyu by type=S" An extremely cheap edit. Just before the match starts, the opponent will already be frozen, and then it will perform a OHKO right when the match begins. It cannot be defeated with normal characters. May suddenly crash mugen.

Sorry for such a lengthy wait, been recently hectic with existence d' stuff. But here is usually a little video clip of my progress of Orochi E' therefore far men, asked for by a friend. I'meters restricted on Orochi adapted T' sprites, therefore don't expect too much of that. But I guarantee you it will be pretty great. If anyone would like to assist me out on said sprites or whatever, provide a shout. So much: - fundamental, special, grab, and super episodes with total XIII hitsparks/supersparks - K' voice snd, XIII snds, different sfx place jointly myself - XIII fire effects, orochi effects and different 608 results - 2 DMs and 1 SDM ideal now Note: This char will not be XIII precise, therefore don't especially anticipate all of the XIII perks to be used to him (hyperdrive setting, whatever.). I thought the orochi eine trigger specials would become a fine touch - Yes I possess been making use of freqmuI in my playsnd controIlers, to provide a bit of difference in sfx and also in supers to obtain the right mix of noises - The voice edits are usually just two videos of the exact same E' tone of voice with one getting at a lower try to sell, I will become doing this for some other clips later on about.

If there are better results instead of the ray that would do simply as great at my disposal, I will test to discover them. There is an additive particIe on the ball, it is composed of the Orochi sign in the center and a stationary particle surounding it, with little particles trailing away from of it. I'michael still going to dampen the damaging and combinations when it's all performed a little, but simply therefore you guys understand this edition is intended to be a manager character, so he will more damage. I understand there are low-res factors, like the orochi disc. 350c69d7ab


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