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4 : Mayoi Snail, Part 2 ((NEW))

Senjougahara soon changes the topic and asks Koyomi whether something is currently troubling him. He decides that it is the perfect time to tell about his experiences earlier, and recalls his argument with his little sister. According to him, he felt like his own home wasn't his on Mother's Day, particularly because of his two younger sisters who are attached to their mother. It was the real reason why he left the house, and it caused the argument between him and his younger sister Karen. It also left Koyomi with a desire to not go home.

4 : Mayoi Snail, Part 2


Yoimonogatari (宵物語) is the second part of Monster Season of Monogatari Series written by Nisio Isin. It was published on June 14, 2018 as the 24th volume of the whole light novel Monogatari Series, following the previous book Shinobumonogatari released in 2017.

Koyomi visits North Shirahebi Shrine with his partner vampire girl Shinobu Oshino and a tsukumogami doll girl Yotsugi Ononoki to consult with Mayoi Hachikuji, who is a new goddess enshrined there and an expert lost child.

As a result of a discussion among Koyomi, Mayoi, Shinobu and Yotsugi at North Shirahebi Shrine, they arrive at the possibility that this missing case is caused by an apparition (an oddity). They go to the apartment of Hibari in a hurry, however, Kujaku is not there while Hibari temporarily travels overseas.

Mayoi Snake presents another major part of Monster Season focusing on the third-grade middle schooler Nadeko Sengoku, who stays at home and draws manga. The tsukumogami girl Yotsugi Ononoki tells her the story of Mayoi Snail.

Many fans of Monogatari Series are wondering if the rest of the light novel parts are made into anime adaptations such as Off Season and Monster Season. The director Akiyuki Shinbo said it would depend on the anime production company Aniplex, however, we can believe they will complete the anime series of Yoimonogatari with high quality in the future since the studio Shaft has created that Monogatari Series, which had been looked on impossible to be adapted into anime.

Much like the rest of Nisio Isin's work, Bakemonogatari parodies or otherwise examines a number of Japanese fiction tropes, particularly those typical to the Harem Genre. Each chapter focuses on a different girl and the affliction that ails them, each one an examination of a different anime girl stereotype. For example, main girl Hitagi is a Tsundere (or so she says), Hanekawa is the Bespectacled Cutie, and so on. Araragi himself is an Unreliable Narrator, so much of his opinion of who these girls are can bleed into their portrayal in the series, making it so that we often learn more about Araragi at the same time we learn about the girls.

  • Second Season Nekomonogatari (Shiro) (Cat Tale: White) "Chapter Snug: Tsubasa Tiger":anime TV series Monogatari Series Second Season episodes 1-5 After a house fire forces her to make temporary living arrangements, Tsubasa finds herself being stalked by a tiger spirit.

  • Kabukimonogatari (Dandy Tale) "Chapter Idle: Mayoi Jiangshi":anime TV series Monogatari Series Second Season episodes 6-9 Koyomi and Shinobu time travel backward eleven years to prevent Mayoi's death.

  • Hanamonogatari (Flower Tale) "Chapter Change: Suruga Devil":anime TV special Hanamonogatari episodes 1-5 Suruga encounters an old sports rival who is trying to gather the other body parts matching Suruga's monkey paw.

  • Otorimonogatari (Decoy Tale) "Chapter Chaos: Nadeko Medusa":anime TV series Monogatari Series Second Season episodes 10-13 As stress mounts at school and in her personal life, Nadeko encounters a weakened snake deity who promises to change her situation.

  • Onimonogatari (Demon Tale) "Chapter Sneak: Shinobu Time":anime TV series Monogatari Series Second Season episodes 14-17 Shinobu elaborates on her past and her attempts to defy the laws of nature.

  • Koimonogatari (Love Tale) "Chapter Romance: Hitagi End":anime TV series Monogatari Series Second Season episodes 18-23 Despite her trepidation, Hitagi hires Kaiki to prevent her and Koyomi's impending deaths.

  • Final Season Tsukimonogatari (Possession Tale) "Chapter Body: Yotsugi Doll":anime TV special Tsukimonogatari episodes 1-4 Koyomi is placed under the protection of Kagenui's undead familiar, Yotsugi Ononoki, when a sudden resurgence in his vampiric traits makes him the target of another aberration-hunter.

  • Owarimonogatari (End Tale) "Chapter One: Ogi Formula":anime TV series Owarimonogatari episodes 1 and 2 Koyomi meets Meme's self-proclaimed niece, Ogi Oshino. The pair find themselves magically locked in Koyomi's freshman year classroom, where an unsolved incident inspired Koyomi's previous commitment to being friendless.

  • "Chapter Two: Sodachi Riddle":anime TV series Owarimonogatari episodes 3 and 4 Sodachi Oikura, a key figure in the freshman year incident, suddenly reenters Koyomi's life, and despises him for reasons he doesn't know.

  • "Chapter Three: Sodachi Lost":anime TV series Owarimonogatari episodes 5-7 Sodachi's home life and family history are explored.

  • "Chapter Four: Shinobu Mail":anime TV series Owarimonogatari episodes 8-13 Shinobu's first vampiric progeny has revived and targets Koyomi.

  • Koyomimonogatari (Calendar Tale):anime Web series Koyomimonogatari episodes 1-12 A collection of short stories that document minor incidents and set up plot threads for Owarimonogatari II. These episodes are set one month apart throughout the first, second, and final seasons. Includes "Koyomi Stone", "Koyomi Flower", "Koyomi Sand", "Koyomi Water", "Koyomi Wind", "Koyomi Tree", "Koyomi Tea", "Koyomi Mountain", "Koyomi Torus", "Koyomi Seed", "Koyomi Nothing", and "Koyomi Dead".

  • Owarimonogatari II "Chapter Five: Mayoi Hell":anime TV series Owarimonogatari II episodes 1-2 Koyomi meets Mayoi again under strange circumstances.

  • "Chapter Six: Hitagi Rendezvous":anime TV series Owarimonogatari II episodes 3-4 Koyomi and Hitagi celebrate the end of college entrance exams with a date.

  • "Chapter Seven: Ogi Dark":anime TV series Owarimonogatari II episodes 5-7 Ogi Oshino's true nature is finally revealed.

  • Zoku Owarimonogatari (End Tale Cont.) "Chapter Final: Koyomi Reverse":anime TV series Zoku Owarimonogatari episodes 1-6 Koyomi finds himself in a mirror world.

Meanwhile, Hitagi has to overcome her unease with vocalizing touchy-feely emotions, a personality flaw that is shown through the lens of her hatred of kids. Anyone that feels discomfort around children knows the drill: you become very uncomfortable because you have communicating with people not on your wavelength. Hitagi seems to feel the same way, rebuking after having to comfort a young child she bumped into in a department store when she was in middle school. Her feelings turned to spite in order to repress her discomfiture at exerting the tenderness required in such a social situation.

Josh Dunham was kind enough to allow me to be a guest on episode thirteen of his Senpai Coast to Coast podcast. We talked at great length (4+ hours to be precise) about Bakemonogatari. There are spoilers. Our dive was so deep that the final edit of the show is split into several parts, so look for those in the coming days/weeks. For now, enjoy this hour of discussion about the first two arcs of the show and maybe read my show notes below. 041b061a72


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