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From Slavery To Freedom Pdf Download Free

Within the Underground Railroad existed an extensive network of friends and supporters. Their efforts also extended into the United States through the African Colonization Society and the African Civilization Society. African Americans also supported the free African society in Liberia. All of these activities resulted in a greater awareness of slavery on the part of enslaved blacks, and encouraged them to be more aware of the need for freedom, and to work for it. They also inspired a broader group of non-slaveholders to support African colonization.

from slavery to freedom pdf download free

The concept of a literature of resistance represented the second stage of the Southern Literature Project's effort to recover, describe, and communicate information about the experiences of enslaved people within the Southern United States and its peripheries during the period from 1801 to 1838. Since the project's founding in 1991, this body of material has been documented with the goal of providing new information for future researchers and for the general public. Because this is a scattered collection of primary resources, no attempt has been made to trace the provenance of the materials.

The project also documents the role of abolitionists, white and black, in the West and elsewhere in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. This project relies upon a combination of published materials, oral history interviews, and original research. Through these materials, the project documents important developments in the abolitionist movement, the emergence of the black press, the role of women in the anti-slavery movement, and the efforts of white and black abolitionists to form local black communities.


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