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Download Complete Repair Build 5601 Activator Zip

Improved tracking of which files are used by build plugins to know when it should do a full rebuild, a faster client-only rebuild, or can completely skip rebuilding after a file is modified. This should work with any type of file in any directory, and for both files in the app and files in packages. The most noticeable improvement is when modifying a file only used on the client Meteor will only rebuild the client, even if the file is not inside imports or a client folder.

Download Complete Repair Build 5601 Activator zip

Meteor 1.7 introduced a new client bundle called web.browser.legacy inaddition to the web.browser (modern) and web.cordova bundles.Naturally, this extra bundle increased client (re)build times. Sincedevelopers spend most of their time testing the modern bundle indevelopment, and the legacy bundle mostly provides a safe fallback inproduction, Meteor 1.8 cleverly postpones building the legacy bundleuntil just after the development server restarts, so that developmentcan continue as soon as the modern bundle has finished building. Sincethe legacy build happens during a time when the build process wouldotherwise be completely idle, the impact of the legacy build on serverperformance is minimal. Nevertheless, the legacy bundle still getsrebuilt regularly, so any legacy build errors will be surfaced in atimely fashion, and legacy clients can test the new legacy bundle bywaiting a bit longer than modern clients. Applications using theautoupdate or hot-code-push packages will reload modern and legacyclients independently, once each new bundle becomes available.Issue #9948PR #10055

That choice is understandable, because the alternative is daunting: notonly must you build multiple JavaScript and CSS bundles for differentbrowsers, with different dependency graphs and compilation rules andwebpack configurations, but your server must also be able to detect thecapabilities of each visiting client, so that it can deliver theappropriate assets at runtime. Testing a matrix of different browsersand application versions gets cumbersome quickly, so it's no surprisethat responsible web developers would rather ship a single, well-testedbundle, and forget about taking advantage of modern features untillegacy browsers have disappeared completely.

Incomplete package downloads will now fail (and be retried severaltimes) instead of silently succeeding, which was the cause of thedreaded Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open... os.jsonerror. #7806

The plugin used for file serving and hot code push has been completelyrewritten. Among many other improvements, it downloads updates incrementally,can recover from downloading faulty JavaScript code, and is much morereliable and performant.See cordova-plugin-meteor-webappfor more a more detailed description of the new design.

If the callbacks added with Meteor.startup() do not complete within a settime, we consider a downloaded version faulty and will fallback to the lastknown good version. The default timeout is 20 seconds, but this can beconfigured by setting App.setPreference("WebAppStartupTimeout", "10000");(in milliseconds) in mobile-config.js.

There is a completely new API for defining build plugins that cache theiroutput. There are now special APIs for defining linters and minifiers inaddition to compilers. The core Meteor packages for less, coffee, stylusand html files have been updated to use this new API. Read more on theWiki page. 041b061a72


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