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Engelhard Silver Bar Serial Number Lookup

3rd series 10oz ingot in Canadian variation with thinner serial number font. We believe theses ingots were produced using a Canadian casting mould and are occasionally seen with slight differences in purity and weight class stamp placements.

Engelhard Silver Bar Serial Number Lookup

Even though the company's expertise was in the Platinum Group Metals (PMGs), Engelhard is best known among bullion investors for their silver bullion.Most Engelhard bullion bars are marked with a serial number (but not all), in addition, most Engelhard bars display its Name or a large "E" along with the bar's weight and purity.

10oz Bars were both Cast and Minted. As stated above, Engelhard kind of muffled these definitions in there early produced bullion bars.For the 10oz. Bars with a "P" prefix before the serial number, signifies a "Poured" Bar.10oz Bars with a "C" prefix before the serial number, signifies a "Cast" Bar or Minted Bar.Furthermore, 10oz Bars with a "W" prefix before the serial number, signifies a "Wide Poured" Bar. "W" prefixed 10oz. bars are very rare.Bars with no prefix were the First to be produced in the 10oz. series, like the one in the photo, above right.'Click' here for more information, Photos and Serial Numbers on the Ten Ounce Engelhard Silver Bullion Bars

The 10-ounce Engelhard Silver Bar featured here contains 10 oz of .999 fine silver; every Engelhard Silver Bars has a cast finishing. A cast finish is made by melting the silver and pouring into the preformed mold, later stamping of inscriptions are done. You will find amazing engraving across the surface of the bar along with the logo of Engelhard. It also has six-digit numeric code that is the serial number.

Third, the majority of their bars are serializable, giving collectors an idea of their rarity. Some collectors chase after fancy serial numbers (multiple or consecutive digits of the same number), adding value to the bar.

Many collectors chase after the low serial numbered 1oz. bars with the beautiful JM logo. Johnson Matthey also made bars for several of Canadas Major banks; Toronto Dominion Bank and The Royal Bank of Commerce.

What is worth noting is their recent 10 oz. bars have become a favourite in the silver stacker community for its purity of 99.99% silver (most are 99.90%), along with its serial number. You see, currently most new silver bars do not come with a serial number, with the exception of a few.

100 Ounce Engelhard brand bars were only produced from 1982 to 1987 which makes them attractive for both bullion investors as well as collectors. Containing 100 Troy Ounces of 999 fine silver, these bars will vary in condition and appearance and will likely have some toning and handling marks. These 100oz Engelhard Silver Bars can vary from struck and poured versions as well. Serial numbers WILL vary from the photos.

Poured or Cast Bars: These types of silver bars are made by pouring molten silver into a mould, or cast, with the desired shape. Once the molten silver cools and solidifies, it is removed from the mould and weighed to ensure it contains the exact amount of silver. The cast bar is then stamped with the name of the refiner, its purity and gross weight. Alternatively, a serial number may be stamped on the bar for identification and authentication purposes.


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