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Blueprint Best Of 808 State Rar

David Hobbs (born September 23, 1963), also known by his stage name Mr. Mixx, is a co-founder of the controversial rap group 2 Live Crew, along with being a scratch DJ and music producer of the group. In his early twenties, Hobbs was in the United States Air Force and he co-founded 2 Live Crew while he was stationed in California. Early 2 Live Crew singles gained so much traction in Florida that they relocated there. By 1986, the group released the single "Throw The 'D'"; it is now considered the blueprint of Miami bass.

Blueprint Best Of 808 State Rar

In January 1987, 2 Live Crew released the EP "Throw the D" with "Ghetto Bass" on the B-side, with Hobbs as DJ and producer on both tracks."Throw the D" became an influential blueprint as to how future Miami bass songs were written and produced.[4] Hobbs' performances on these releases made him the first Miami Bass scratch DJ.[5]

The song was listed as one of the best singles of 1982 by the NME and was described by Robert Palmer of The New York Times as "perhaps the most influential black pop record of 1982", noting its influence on "both the black pop mainstream and several leading white new-wave rockers". Several musicians and groups noted how the track influenced them including Run-DMC, 2 Live Crew, A Guy Called Gerald, Fatboy Slim and Newcleus. The song has been remixed and re-released several times, has been described as one of the definitive electro songs by AllMusic, and has been voted the third greatest hip hop song by Rolling Stone.

Author and essayist Kurt B. Reighley described "Planet Rock" as a fusion of hip-hop breaks and "icy synthesizer lines lifted from Kraftwerk" that "laid the blueprint for the genre dubbed "electro".[16] On its release, the genre of the song was not clear. Producer Rick Rubin said that "at the time we barely considered it a rap record".[17] while DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill said that on the West Coast, hip hop had not hit until around 1984 and people listening to "Planet Rock" called it funk.[18]

Prior to releasing "Planet Rock", Baker played the song in various record stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan asking listeners what they thought of it.[23] In an interview with Billboard, Baker said: "Ninety percent of the people [I] asked wanted to buy it right away." One person even offered him $200 for his acetate copy.[23][24] Baker took the acetate into the Music Factory record shop in Brooklyn. It blew up their speakers because of the track's excessive low-end.[5] Sources vary on the release date of "Planet Rock". An article in Sound on Sound states it was released in June 1982.[5] The liner notes to Planet Rock: The Album state the release was in April 1982.[25] In an interview in the July 24, 1982, issue of Billboard Silverman says that "Planet Rock" had only been available for 90 days.[26] Shortly after the production, Jazzy Jay was driving on a freeway and heard "Planet Rock" on the radio and rushed off to phone Bambaataa to tell him about it.[15] Jay was in shock. Earlier meetings with radio station personnel asking them to play hip hop were met with claims it was not a genre but a fad; they refused to play it.[15] The single peaked on Billboard's Hot 100 on September 11, 1982, at number 48 and spent 11 weeks on the chart.[27] It went Gold in the United States by October 1982.[28]

Contemporary reviews, in the United Kingdom, included one by Edwin Pouncey of Sounds who praised an import version of the song declaring it a "wiilldd paarrtty monster" which "once heard is never forgotten".[38] The NME placed "Planet Rock" at 16th on their 1982 best of the year ranking.[39] Nelson George of Billboard referred to the track as "one of the summer's biggest singles" in 1982.[26] In The Village Voice's 1982 Pazz & Jop critics' poll, the single was voted the year's eighth best. Robert Christgau, the poll's supervisor, called it the year's "most influential dance record" and "potentially as influential as 'Rapper's Delight'".[40] Lynden Barber of Melody Maker wrote in 1984 that the song was "probably the single most influential record of the Eighties" noting it spawned the electro-funk genre and that lead indirectly to a new "revolution" in how mainstream soul is conceived, recorded and mixed.[41]

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Defining human ground state pluripotency. (A) PCA of human EPI and hESCs grown in distinct culture conditions. Each point represents the gene expression profile of a single cell from the human EPI, single cell from Yan et al. late or early hESCs, clumps of hESCs from either Chan et al. (3iL or mTeSR) or Takashima et al. (reset or primed). (B) Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of global gene expression of human EPI or hESCs. (C) Pearson correlation coefficient between each pair of conditions indicated. (D) Cytoscape enrichment map of GSEA results comparing human EPI (red) versus 3iL or reset hESCs (blue) (P-value

We performed GSEA to identify differentially enriched pathways between the EPI and each hESC condition (Fig. 7D). We found that the EPI was enriched for oxidative phosphorylation signalling (Fig. 7D; supplementary material Fig. S5), possibly reflecting the switch to glycolytic metabolism following stem cell derivation in oxygen-rich conditions (Zhang et al., 2011). hESCs were enriched for regulation of cell proliferation (Fig. 7D; supplementary material Fig. S5). This suggested that a number of the distinctions were linked to intrinsic properties required to maintain the stem cell state. hESCs were also enriched for FGF, MAPK and Wnt signalling pathways (Fig. 7D; supplementary material Fig. S5). Significantly, both the EPI and hESCs expressed a number of key pluripotency genes, including NANOG, NODAL and PRDM14 (Fig. 7E). Intriguingly, the Chan et al. 3iL and Takashima et al. reset hESCs cultured in alternative conditions upregulated EPI-enriched genes that were not appreciably expressed in conventional hESCs, including DPPA3, DPPA5 and DNMT3L (Fig. 7E,F), suggesting that these conditions have indeed promoted an EPI-like gene expression profile.

We have identified human-specific EPI-enriched genes, such as KLF17. As alternative members of the KLF family are involved in pluripotency, it would be interesting to investigate whether KLF17 might replace known reprogramming factors, such as Klf4, and to determine its function in alternative hESCs. Furthermore, additional gene networks were enriched in both conventional and alternative hESCs compared with the human EPI, including the FGF and Wnt signalling pathway. Given differences in the signalling environment in the human EPI compared with hESCs that were noted previously (Kuijk et al., 2012; Kunath et al., 2014; Roode et al., 2012) and highlighted in this study, it will be intriguing to investigate the possibility of a distinct human pluripotent state further.

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