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Wing Tsun Kuen ((FULL))

If the use of 詠春 seems privileged today for wing chun styles, 永春 still appears in the name of other southern Chinese martial arts (with 永春 often transcribed Weng Chun); for example jee shim weng chun and Yǒng Chūn Bái Hè Quán (永春白鶴拳). [9][additional citation(s) needed]

Wing Tsun Kuen

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In the West, the name of this martial art has been transcribed variably due to the use of different or personal Chinese language romanization methods, and differences in pronunciation between Chinese languages (but Cantonese was often preferred) or according to Western languages. In addition, some wing chun masters voluntarily created their own term, in order to dissociate their personal teaching from traditional teachings. For example, Yip Man's Ving Tsun or Leung Ting's Wing Tsun.

Finally, this martial art is pronounced quite identically in the West, but is written with many spellings: ving tsun, wing tsun, wing tsung, yongchun, weng chun, wyng tjun, ving tjun, wing tzun, wing tschun. Wing Chun is the most common form, used apply to all lineages of this martial art.[11][full citation needed][12][additional citation(s) needed]

Although many of the movements are similar, Siu Nim Tau varies significantly between the different branches of Wing Chun. In Ip Man's Wing Chun, the first section of the form is done by training the basic power for the hand techniques by tensing and relaxing the arms.[67] In Moy Yat's Wing Chun, the first section of the form is done without muscle tension and slowly in a meditative, calm, and being "in the moment" way.[68] In 1972, weeks before he died, Ip Man demonstrated Siu Nim Tau (also known as Siu Lim Tau) on film, showing how the form is to be performed.[69]

The following text is a translation of three seals from the Kuen Kuit which detail the origins and lineage of the Ving Tsun family.The Ving Tsun system started during the Ching Dynasty under the rule of the Emperor Yung Jing. The Siu Lam Temple was burned down. Five of the senior monks hid themselves in different mountains. The nun Ng Mui lived in White Crane temple in Wan Nam. She saw a snake and a crane fighting. This gave her an idea to modify the kung fu she knew. She met a girl named Ving Tsun and taught her the new kung fu so she could defend herself against a bully who wanted to force her to marry him.Ving Tsun later divided her new system into siu nim tao, chum kiu, biu je, mui fah jong, luk dim poon kwan, and bot jom doa. Her followers named the style after her. She passed the art on to her husband Leung Pok Toa, who passed it on to Wong Wah Po. Wong Wah Po passed it on to Leung Lan Kwai, Leung Yee Tai and Leung Tsun.Leung Tsun passed it on to Fung Wah and Chan Wah Shuen. Grand Master Yip Man learned the complete system from Chan Wah Shuen. Grand Master Yip Man is the leader of the style now. From what I have heard, that is how the family tree has grown. I have set the legend of Ving Tsun in stone carvings for the future generations. 041b061a72


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